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Bond Counsel Selection

The bond counsel selection process has changed.  Colleges and Universities are no longer required to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select their bond counsel.

The Governor’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) has created a pool of 20 qualified law firms to serve as bond counsel for PHEFA projects.  All firms have agreed to partner with a small diverse business (SDB) or are a SDB and most have agreed to partner with a veteran business enterprise (VBE). Colleges and Universities financing through PHEFA select a law firm from the pool and negotiate the bond counsel fee.  The College or University informs PHEFA who has been selected to serve as bond counsel along with their SDB and/or VBE partners and the negotiated fee. PHEFA staff will provide this information to the OGC. 

For more information please contact Bev Nawa at or (717) 975-2204.

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Project Closing:

Ursinus College, Series A & B of 2022 - Closed 4/12/2022

Project Closing:

Northampton County Area Community College, Series of 2022 - Closed 4/6/2022

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